Why I Developed Logo Draw for the Apple iPad

December 21st, 2010

I was first introduced to computers and programming back in the early 1980′s when I was in second grade. Our grade school had about a dozen Apple IIe computers crammed into a small room just around the corner from the playground, and it there that I discovered what I wanted to be when I grew up. :)

The monitors were green monochrome, and cassette tapes stored your data instead of floppy disks. It was still during the early years of mainstream personal computing.

The first thing that we learned was how to make a series of simple drawings using the Logo Programming Language to tell what looked like a triangle in the center of the screen (but what was described as “a turtle with a pen tied to his tail”) how to move about.

Tell the turtle to go forwards 100 pixels and turn right 90 degrees four times and you end up with a square. Tell him to go forwards 100 pixels and turn right 120 degrees three times and you get a triangle.

We were learning how to program, how to type, and the elementary basics of geometry all whilst having a great time making this little critter do our bidding. :)

Fast forward almost 30 years and I am still programming, but now I have kids of my own. My eldest has started grade school, and he can already use a computer, iPhone or iPad as well as (or better than) most adults.

Seeing him sitting there at my old MacBook made me think back to when I first started with computers, and that’s where the idea for Logo Draw was born.

Logo Draw is available for free from the App Store for the Apple iPad.