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  • The Programs List is on the left, and the Drawing Area is on the right.
  • The green triangle in the center of the Drawing Area is the Turtle. The turtle is what does all of the drawing for you. Tell the turtle where to go, and he will draw a line behind him.
  • Tap the Drawing Area to toggle full screen mode.
  • Tap the button to save your drawings to your iPad's Photos for later viewing or sharing with others.
  • Tap the button to print out your drawings directly from your iPad to any AirPrint-enabled printer on your network.
  File Sharing
  • Copy logo programs back and forth between Logo Draw and your computer using the File Sharing functionality in iTunes:

Programs List
  • Tap a program from the Programs List to draw it.
  • Tap the button to create a new program or to make a copy of an existing one. Tap the Trash button to delete a program. (Sample Programs cannot be deleted.)
  • Tap the blue & white arrow button to enter the Program Detail View.
  Program Detail View
  • Tap the to add a new command at the end of the program or to insert a new command above the selected one. Tap the button to delete the selected command.
  • Tap the blue & white arrow button to edit the command. (Sample programs cannot be edited. Make a copy of a Sample Program if you would like to edit it.)


FDMove Forwards (pixels)
BKMove Backwards (pixels)
RTRight Turn (degrees)
LTLeft Turn (degrees)
PUPen Up
PDPen Down
STShow Turtle
HTHide Turtle
HOMEMove Home
SETCChange Drawing Color
REPEATRepeat Command Pair n Times

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